Making Marmalade

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Once a year the special Seville Oranges  are picked from specially chosen trees in Seville, in Southern Spain. They are shipped to Ireland and the UK for the making of Marmalade.

The early apothecaries in the sixteenth century discovered the health values of preserving citrus for use throughout the year and proved to be beneficial for all sorts of ills.

The thick dimpled skin of the Seville Orange is prized for making marmalade as it is high in pectin giving a higher set than the ordinary sweet orange and a higher yield.

The whole house  smells  sweet of steamy oranges  in the  cold dark months of January and February.

There are many different processes in the making of marmalade,  all are slow, many are family secret receipts passed down through many generations. There is much slicing and squeezing and boiling for the beautiful end result!





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